luxury destination
Illustrations, concept art and storyboard for animated short movie
In a country now promoting medical tourism, healthcare is far from reach. These hard-working women find themselves travelling for hours to get to healthcare facilities now that the hospital in their neighbourhood, once publicly funded, has been turned into a public-private partnership-managed facility. ​​​​​​​
“Luxury Destination” unveils how neoliberal global trends in healthcare financing are impacting women's lives even in a country that once had a strong public healthcare system. ​​​​​​​
This animation is based on the case study "Public-private partnerships: are they a healthy investment model? Lautoka and Ba Hospitals in Fiji" by researcher Lice Cokanasiga from the Pacific Network on Globalisation. The film and the article are part of DAWN’s multimedia project "Old Dog, New Tricks: Neocolonialism & Public-Private Partnerships in the global South”, highlighting PPPs' effects on women's lives. ​​​​
Illustrations, storyboard & concept art: Taíssa Maia
Animation & Motion: Bê Leite
Direction: Nara Normande
Sound design: Catarina Apolônio
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