I'm a award-winning illustrator and designer from Brazil passionate about creating arts for editorial, animation, advertising, design projects and more

Bachelor's Degree - Design: Visual Comunication
Escola de Belas Artes da UFRJ (2010-2015)
Exchange Program - Illustration & Fine Arts
FBAUP - Universidade do Porto, Portugal (2014)
Winner - HQMix Award
"A Coronavirus Victim's Diary"
Personal project - illustrated series
Winner - Cannes Lions
"Impossible Journey"
Silver Lion: Film - Illustration
 The Youth & Co
Silver Lion: H&W - Digital Craft
The Youth & Co
Short list - HQMix Award
Personal project - Adult comic book
Descomplica, The Youth & Co, DAWN Feminist, Prada, Riot Games, Editora Globo, Editora Abril, Editora MOL, Editora Record, Editora Planeta, Nath Play, Combo Studio, Copa Studio, Split Studio and more.
Let's work together? email me at ataissamaia@gmail.com
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