Camila y Irene
"Camila & Irene" is poignant short film that illustrates the challenges of the Peruvian healthcare system from the perspective of two women who represent different healthcare realities. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this animation highlights the struggle for access to healthcare, the shortage of equipment and medicines, and the exhaustion of healthcare personnel
"Camila & Irene" transcends adversity to become a message of resilience. Both characters come together to demand a universal, free, accessible, and high-quality public healthcare system, urging society to challenge existing structures and fight for health equity. 

This narrative is inspired by Bethsabé Andía Pérez's case study on the public-private partnership Hospital III Alberto Barton-Callao. Governments and private investors present PPPs (public-private partnerships) as the new panacea for public services and infrastructure projects. DAWN joins a growing critique of PPPs, arguing that they reinforce the "corporate capture" of the state and questioning their supposed efficiency and transparency.
Direction: Nara Normande
Illustrations, concept art and storyboard: Taíssa Maia
Motion design and animation: Bê Leite
Sound design: Catarina Apolônio
We used a split screen to tell the story: one side following Camila's point of view and the other showing Irene's, hilighting the similarities and differences between these two women, until they're reunited at the end, protesting together.


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