college work at UFRJ
technique: printmaking

During the last semester of 2013 I had the pleasure to illustrate Coppélia’s tale, a project born from two passions: dancing and drawing. 
Coppélia is a tale originally made for a ballet spectacle, in a socially patriotic context. For that reason, several popular dances were included in the repertoire of that play. Noticing the vernacular vein of this particular tale, I decided to bring it to the context of my country. 
During my research for this project I looked after some historic brazilian artists, popular parties and folklore, and with that I was able to give a fresh look to Coppélia's original tale.
According to the tale, a young man called Franz falls in love with Coppélia, a new lady that came to the town, without knowing that she is a doll. After realizing the threat, Swanilda, his bride, does everything to separate the couple and regain your loved one. Meanwhile, Dr. Coppélius, the creator of the doll and owner of an amazing toy store, is looking – at all costs – for a way to give life to his beloved Coppélia.

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