Personal project, 2017 
Briefing by Iconic Network
Illustrations by Taíssa Maia

“Oh, My Fort!” is an hypothetical tower-defense game created by Iconic Network where the inhabitants of fort Fortulios keep the invaders from destroying their homeland.
The game takes place inside Fort Forthos, which is constantly attacked on all sides by many kinds of lunatic people. The player creates weapons with the available things inside the fort. The game universe is a mixture of “old-west” with modern touches, where the characters have limited resources and the use of an imagination to improvise new equipment.
The Crazy Queen
Queen Morgana has been better off in the head - this invasion tweeted a bit with her brains. One fine day she simply popped out, started shouting nonsensical things and began to hurl her beloved fools out of the fort against her enemies. Despite being a very shocking scene, it proved to be very effective over time. Fools are thrown from the center of the fort and hurt enough when they hit. The Queen can only play 2 fools a minute - it must have to do with her back problem, for sure.
The Craftsman
It's sole and exclusive function is to construct improvised artifacts (the trinkets) to protect the fort and to improve the equipment of other inhabitants. They are efficient, but very fragile.
The Doves’ Tamer
He never had many human friends, so he found refuge in the doves of the squares of his village. He quickly learned to deal with them and created a small army. His clothing is lined with feathers, he wears a strange, disproportionate hat and shoots his doves over the wall, defecating through fort Fort, as well as poking the heads of the unsuspecting.

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